Monday, 16 October 2006

Blog swansong

Blogging has been so therapeutic for me and utterly worth it. I'd recommend everyone to at least blog for a while in their lives. For some it may be a short lived activity and for others longer. I should hope there is no judgement either way but I'm done with blogging. May you enjoy your process because I certainly have.

Lately I've not been having a great time in myself so something has to give. I am a survivor. Simple as that. I need to walk away completely and move on. To think about other projects. Space clearing I guess. It is a positive decision and feels good.

I'm sorry I haven't gone around and said goodbye to my favourite haunts but know that I have given you a cheery wave and a smile. For those of us whose lives have touched, I am the richer for those special moments of connection. May you be very happy and love and peace fill your lives. I will carry your memories and treasure them.

Blog copier

I can recommend and download their free to use open source software to copy your entire blog and the comments too. (Click on the options on the second page and click on "include link" and then as the Criterion select "Links containing" and then put in the beginning of the url to your comments field. For me it was and then voila, blog with comments!) The file structure is rather large, and maybe not suitable as a back-up copy but at least you can have a copy of your blog and messages kept for safe keeping for whatever reasons. If I so wish, I can now look back over old posts and enjoy them and the comments made.

[Comments switched off and all posts to date were removed from blog]

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