Wednesday, 18 January 2006

All change

This post is actually written 24 June 2007:

8.20am Wednesday 18 January 2006 is the day my life changed again. I received a simple and short email from a cousin responding to a search message I had put out on the internet some couple of years before. Family with whom I had close contact as a child, and who had meant so much and we had experienced a lot together, were at last in contact. After 34 years. It doesn't sound like much put like that, but it really was. Not just a big deal for me, but for them - each of them in their different ways and also for their wider family in this country whom they had never met.

I am not re-publishing many of the posts from this time as they are too deep, too emotional and in some a bit too distressing. In another way, those posts can never do enough justice to the utter joy that was experienced as well as the painful memories.

So that's that then!

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