Friday, 11 June 2010

A beautiful world

I have a brilliant new career as a beauty therapist. Who'd have thunk it. A career change within a few short  months and so wildly different to the geeky-making-websites-me. Little ole me being in demand already by paying clients and doing some very nice work. It has been a journey and a half, with confidence building being the tricky one, but I'm getting there. Anyone who sees me can just see the sparkles in my eyes and face.

In my previous post I might have been a little jubilant about developments with son and I have to say some days are not as bad as others. I look at the pictures of him when he was cute and his eyes twinkled back at me but I can not conjure up that person when I am with him and so he gets the grumpy me. And he is typically teenagerish and belligerent. Oh joys.

Big family get together tomorrow for a birthday. Clothes are ironed so son looks smart for a change and darling Mr Doris's hair has been trimmed and I have chosen which dress to wear. Looking fab on this occasion is important for me as I want to show off my trim new look, long hair and great skin. So it is an early one to allow the extra time for this beauty malarkey. Me shallow? Nah! Having fun though.


Anji said...

Wow! you have been busy. No wonder you haven't posted. Congratulations on your new career.

The son bit will get better, the nicer moments will soon start to over take the horrible ones.

Happy Birthday!!

It's lovely to see you back again.


Debbie K said...

I am so pleased for you. You are clearly a beautiful person inside & out.
You deserve your success & to be happy.
Bless you
Debbie x

Doris said...

Thank you kindly both of you. Indeed I have been busy and definitely something had to give and blogging was one of them I'm afraid.

I remember you reassuring me before about our sons Anji and I try to keep reminding myself it will get better just like it miraculously has with my daughter.

It is a very busy weekend for me and I hope you are both having lovely ones yourselves. Debbie - you are a sweetheart and thank you for spreading the love.

Hugs to you both - I am sure one day we will meet :-)
Doris x

Jo said...

Yay, yay, and thrice yay! You are my dear an aboslutely exceptional beauty therapist, worth every penny, and more...and I think you might just be beginning to realise it too :-) xx

Doris said...

Thank you Jo! A growing inner knowing is making all the difference.

Thursday said...

Very well done on your new career. I need help with my skin, my pores are huge - any ideas?

Doris said...

Thank you Thursday :-) At the risk of sounding controversial, but we have a "fix it" culture and maybe your large pores are what they are!

Have they always been like that? And in any case it is better to know that pores can only be slightly minimised rather than chasing some holy grail. Do you have a good skin care routine - that is your very first step before anything else and the idea is to help balance your skin. So no harsh skin care products... if you have a tendency to oily skin using products aimed at oily skin may not be the answer and better to use more gentle ones. Over time (3-5 weeks) you will see a difference. For example, Neal's Yard Organics do some wonderful ranges and would help to balance skin.

Back to those larger pores I'd need some more information about what you do for skin care etc and how your skin feels generally. And what is it about your skin and pores that bothers you.

But hey! If this is more information than you'd care to share in a blog comment I'd quite understand ;-)

Thursday said...

Doris, many thanks for your advice. I think the problem is as a result of having used harsh stuff in the past altho' I'm far more gentle with my skin now. Being a gardener, my face gets very dirty and I've started using a mild facewash when I get home from grafting and I endeavour (but don't succeed) in using a deep clean facepack every week. I really like the Neals Yard products so I may give these another go. I think you're right in that I'm chasing the Holy Grail, i.e. the complexion I had at sixteen. Like that's going to happen!
Really glad things are working out for you and equally glad you're back to blogging.

Doris said...

Ah Thursday ..... for starters stop the deep clean face pack! That may be more harsh than you realise. Your mild cleanser sounds good - but make sure you are doing that morning and night and then every three days use a gentle exfoliater in the shower. For example: Neal's Yard Rose Facial Polish. What you put on to your skin afterwards will make the difference. A light facial oil - once again Neal's Yard: Orange Flower Facial Oil; followed by a light moisturiser such as one of the Frankincense range. You will find that you will use very little product on your skin as you won't need the dollop of regular moisturiser. But I am not saying throw everything away but use up what you have - except anything too strong! And maybe when you need more to look to some nicer skin products. I make my own face masks from clay and flower water and they have never stung my face, or my clients. If you use the wrong stuff (I found the NYRO Palmarosa mask stings my face) it can sting or take out more than it should.

This is a very interesting subject!

I forgot you did the gardening so that means the outdoor elements can take its toll. But I bet you have a lovely healthy glow to your skin for all that fresh air and working with the earth and nature. Glow, baby glow! :-)

PS Our skin regenerates every 3 to 5 weeks and that is how long it can take to make a change to our skin. As long as you are using products that do more than just coat the surface. In some ways, I think it better to use NO products than to use ones that are too synthetic. Don't forget the self-healing properties of plants and that these are harnessed in essential oils. Food for thought.


Thursday said...

Much food for thought Doris, many thanks. I think I also need to look at what I put in my body, e.g. little water but buckets of tea.
But I LOVE my facepack!