Saturday, 16 February 2008

Valentine's Day Aftermath

As far as the Mr and the son are concerned I pulled off my first ever roast leg of lamb. It was pink and utterly tender. Considering the meat was just from the supermarket and not a speciality butcher is quite something. To cook the lamb I washed and then dried it, and then rubbed it with dried English mustard made up with olive oil. Cut whole garlic in half lengthwise and cut slits into the lamb and stuff in half a garlic and a sprig of fresh rosemary deep into each slit. About 8 slits one side and maybe 10 the other. Lay out the remaining rosemary on a wire rack in a roasting tin and laid the lamb on it and let it stand a couple of hours before cooking.

Then make up half a pint of beef stock and pour that into the base of the roasting tin and put into a preheated oven at 170C for about 50 minutes. I think our joint could have stayed in for another 10 minutes easily but it worked out as I don't really eat it and there was plenty that was cooked enough. The next day I finely sliced the left overs and warmed them through in gravy in a hot oven for about 30 minutes so it was fully cooked by then, but still tender.

The 70p I squandered on a "ready made gravy for lamb" mix was worth it on this occasion as it really made it work and lasted the two meals.

And for pudding I made an upside down pineapple cake which is one of Mr Doris' favs.

The aftermath bit comes when Mr Doris put the white towels on to wash the next day. Somehow, one of the red paper napkins from our Valentines meal made it into the wash load too, leaving my wonderful white towels very red. Some dygone later (or rather the equivalent) and they are just a mellow shade of pink. Oh well.


newduck said...

This cake looks AMAZING. As a woman in the last throes of pregnancy, I will probably be dreaming about it tonight.

Thanks for the info on my blog, but I still have one question. If the Family Guy shows with American accents intact, how do you Brits appreciate how funny Stewie is, with his British accent? I mean, doesn't he just sound normal to you?

Doris said...

Hi Newduck! Sweet dreams tonight!

LOL to the Family Guy remark from me ... I think I did say it is my teenage daughter who watches it and she has tried to make me watch it but it does nothing for me so I haven't paid much attention to it. Maybe it is a generational thing? ;-)

Josephine said...

A cookery blog!!! You were polite about my cooking...and yet once more I read just how clever my friend Doris is in the kitchen.

I've done the 'napkin in the washer' thing too. Forgive him ;-) I know you will.

Curly K said...

You're meal sounds and looks delicious; oops about the towels :(