Wednesday, 11 July 2007

A jog too far

With the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the re-interviewing yesterday of one of the alleged suspects I flicked on to the FindMadeleine website this morning hoping to get an update to find Madeleine's father's latest blog entry [copy and pasted as written]:

Latest Update - Gerry's Blog/Diary

Day 68 - 10/07/2007

Kate and I both managed early morning runs today- it is definitely the time of day to it with the high temperatures in the middle of summer. Getting some aerobic exercise certainly helps us feel better physically and psychologically which helps maintain our positive attitude.

The investigation into Madelienes disapperance remains very active and we note that the Portuguese police are conducting a series of interviews today and tomorrow.

Is it really relevant to know that he went jogging on a day when there were important developments?

Why does he often mis-spell his missing daughter's name?

And how is the alleged nearly million GB pounds that has been raised to be used?

The ultimate responsibility for what happened to Madeleine is with whomever took her (though plenty of theories abound that this might not even be the case) but I am so fed up with this supposed dignity of the parents propounded by the McCanns themselves and the UK press when I think there should be a whole lot more humility and humbleness shown because they screwed up big time and left their toddler children unattended, in an unlocked room in a foreign country whilst they went out for dinner. They don't have to spend their time being a public emotional wreck but this behaviour of theirs is bizarre.

Would you walk out your unlocked hotel room and leave your wallet and valuables on the bed?

Further interesting reading:
Mike Hitchen has long been on my blog roll and it was his writings on the subject that alerted me to a different view of what we were being presented
The current affairs forum of the Mirror. What is written on there can be controversial and mad, but some interesting points
This WAS a petition to Leicestershire social services to investigate the child care practises of the family; but it is now abused and just a talking place if you can get through the repetitive messages
This is Madeleine's family's own, official website. I note that it contains no information of substance such as when their daughter disappeared, nor any useful timelines of note for anyone who might have been in the area. It strikes me it is more about raising money...

14 July 2007 Addendum:

Latest Update - Gerry's Blog/Diary

Day 71 - 13/07/2007

[...]Kate and I believe that someone, somewhere knows something about Madleines abduction. The events of recent weeks and the high profile of Madeleine reassure us that when the key piece of information comes in, to any law enforcement agnecy, it will be treated seriously and fed into the inquiry quiickly and actioned.

Typos are one thing, not very good coming from a professional, but it is this continual misspelling of an identity that is so strange. A name is precious and whilst one shouldn't get hung up on the spelling when one is talking about one's own missing child I should think they deserve more care to make sure that at least one spells it correctly. Is Gerry McCann trying to say something psychological here?


Steg said...

Hmm, if you'll pardon my current predilection with olfactory phenomena - something smells funny.

Trudi Brown said...

I've had my suspicions about their account of the night their daughter disappeared since the story broke and their behaviour since then has left me with a strange sense that something is very wrong in that family but voicing such opinions in public is tantamount to hanging yourself.

soleil said...

i found it odd from the beginning that they left their children unattended in a hotel while they went to dinner. who does that? i didn't know they left the door unlocked too! very very careless. the kidnapping is a direct consequence of their thoughtless actions.

Anji said...

Very thought provoking...

jane said...

very, very odd behavior & in a foreign country? heck, i doubt i'd even do that with my mother!

Anonymous said...

If they had left their children like that in the UK they would have been investigated by Social Services for leaving kids under 14 alone, and I can't help thinking about how the story would have been different if it was a single mother, or a young couple that were not middle class doctors.

MattyD said...

Hmmm this is a very interesting post along with some hugely relevant observations!

I'm not a fan at all of the McCann family and I am fed up with all of the wasted attention being fed on these two so-called 'parents'. Whilst I can appreciate that it is difficult to come to terms with losing a child, I think the manner in which the child was left on her own along with the two younger kids, really eliminates any sympathy you can feel for the parents.

I think the action of hiring someone to manager their media work is rather sickening and I think they've been on holiday (likely using other people's donated money) for far too long.

Incidentally, I put a bet on with Ladbroke's a couple of weeks ago for the McCann's to appear on a future edition of Celebrity Big Brother and win. The odds were 500/1. Not a bad gamble huh?

Anonymous said...


Tis all..........

Marie said...

The interest in this case over others I think began when I heard the McCanns had left the children alone - Those beautiful precious children! At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt which I always do, and thought the media were exaggerating it all. When I then began to realise the media seemed to be actually covering for them and more and more people said ' everyone makes mistakes' and we had experts saying ‘are the people who criticise the McCanns perfect parents?’ it started to puzzle me even more. You see, I am not a perfect parent, just a normal one who knows you don’t leave small children unattended.
We all know that if you go out in the evening on holiday, you take the kids with you or one of you stays in or you use babysitting services - which incidentally, not many like doing.I have never known a case like this apart from the church covering for priests who were molesting children, but then the covering up was kept within the church. This covering up is global and I feel the world has gone crazy! Not only am I puzzled by it all, I am now prepared to believe any crazy theory on it, because I expect a very crazy outcome. I certainly don't believe anybody went in and took just Madeleine - that's the craziest theory of all when there are easy pickings on the streets of all towns in the world! She just didn't get snatched - nothing fits together - nothing. The madness of all this threatens us all so not only is it normal to be very interested in it, it is vital !!

Why have the normal, everyday, common sense rules changed just for the McCanns - why?
The only humane reason for letting them off is if she was snatched and adding to their agony as devoted parents is just terribly cruel. But I don’t think it is that simple.

Apologies for ramble - wouldn't go into a sentence.

Elisha from London said...

Everything about this case stinks.
I'm not sure I believe all the conspiracy theories out there but they sure do make food for thought.

Right from the start everyone had sympathy for the parents but the more you learn the more suspicious it becomes.

Firstly, there is absolutely no evidence that this was an abduction, it may turn out to be an abduction but the family's insistance from the very first night, on calling it an abduction is hollow. There's simply no evidence.

Secondly, we then start to learn that not only had they left three children under five years old alone, in a foreign country with an unlocked door that night, this was usual practice for them. They shoved the three kids in the creche all day then went out with friends for social evenings. What's a FAMILY holiday for if not to spend time with your kids?
The tripe of excuses that came out of their mouth afterwards (we were naive, it was like sitting in your garden - NO, NO, NO - YOU WAS DAMN RIGHT NEGLIGENT AND FAILED IN YOUR DUTIES AS PARENTS TO PROTECT YOUR BABIES)

The final insult is the fund. The fund that was set up to leave 'no stone unturned'. The limited company. I don't see many stones being uprooted in this quest. I remember once reading about the family of one of the Moors Murder victim's who's body was never found and that the family spent every weekend and spare bit of time going up to that moor with shovels and systematically digging via a grid system every sqft of moor. While I'm not suggesting the same scenerio applies to the Mccanns, I don't see them doing a whole lot else apart from spending plenty of time jogging and having dinner with their friends and blogging about it (they even still put the twins in the creche, so plenty of spare time)

Gerry Mccann needs to learn how to spell his daughter's name right because my husband, even with a really bad memory, can remember the names and date of birth of all our four kids.

I'm fed up of the sycophants that hold on to these parents (the british media, i'm talking to you).

I hope that precious child is safe and I hope she's found, my heart breaks to think what she may be enduring, unfortunately, madeleine had parents who didn't value her as she deserved.

And for those who say 'Are you a perfect parent?. I say this - I am not a perfect parent but I have never knowingly and willingly put my children at risk. There are no excuses.

Go spend your fund money. I hope your bowl of Tapas and vodka n Coke that night was worth it.


Doris said...

Very strong feelings.

I've never been one to jump on a band wagon and certainly wouldn't dream of vilifying someone for the sake of it, but this case is so different.

We don't know what the real truth is, and are fed whatever the media and the internet forums feed us, but through all this there is the voice of the McCanns where there seems to be no damage limitation at all ..... and they keep on keeping on opening their mouths and nothing real seems to be coming out. Talk about their 3 year old Madeleine loving Doctor Who and now Harry Potter. Now talk about the lack of warnings about paedophiles...

But worst of all, no indication of a "sorry, we made a mistake in leaving our kids alone at night" but instead their pleading they are OK parents and it was acceptable to leave their kids like that.

I have made mistakes, and I have put my hand up for mine and taken responsibility for my part in whatever. They should take responsibility for their part in what happened to Madeleine.

I see Sky news are claiming an exclusive on their site that the family are returning to the UK. At least they have already done a trial run of flying home this last weekend to the UK to be godparents. So they know what it is like to travel en familie without their eldest child.

Jeez, this is so awful to happen to any child and my heart goes out Madeleine for whatever has happened.

Anonymous said...