Saturday, 17 December 2005

Monologue in E Minor

Last night I zonked out on the chaise longue for my pre-sleep. Exhaustion overtook me but not before I had read Cheryl's blog and her Christmas Spirit post in which she mentions sitting down to Christmas dinner next Friday. A great post which comments on the public and private image of Christmas.

It is much easier to point out 'errors' on someone else's blog than sort out the discrepancies in one's own. In a way, I am sorry I pointed out that she referred to Christmas dinner being next Friday because she then posted Mad Cow Disease - For Doris which pushed the other post undeservedly down the page. Cheryl says "Forgetting what day is Christmas is bloody peanuts, really." LOL I know what you mean, and agree, but don't think so! There are people who have their Christmas menus planned by November so that produce can be ordered in good time. (If you don't order in time you'd be Gobbled Smacked and then have a Turkey Crisis) The magazines, newspapers and TV magazines all produce calenders with step by step details to a hassle free Christmas. Imagine you are running to one of these calenders but then find your D-day is out by two days?

Yesterday was one of those days filled from beginning to end that I was exhausted. Mr Doris popped off to the kitchen to forage for us some dinner when the doorbell went. It was twenty to 7 and I knew son was due to go to Brigades for twenty past 7. Another of the mum's had popped round and as I cleared a space for her to get to the chaise and sit down I thought she was round for a chat a la Peanuts: "the doctor is in". She politely sat and then asked about the kids having to be at church at 7pm. No, I said.... I haven't heard that. But she had - from my son. It took all of five minutes to get out of him a straight answer that it was 7pm and not much more. I stood there gobsmacked but probably looked more like my eyes were bulging in shock and in my slightly crazed "I can not cope" demented manner. Mr Doris was already making dinner on a tight schedule plus son was standing around not ready. I arranged to take both boys as the other mum and I usually share the trip. At the door she drops the bombshell as to whether we are supposed to go too.

Being slow on the uptake I hadn't realised it was Christmas. That this would be the big Christmas play. That this was serious stuff and as parents of course we should be there. Time is clicking on, son is not ready, we've not eaten, I'd have to go and stay for the show/session, and I just wanted a quiet night. In amongst this, son had a particulalry painful splinter I was to remove. We did it and were only two minutes late.

Mercifully, the Christmas show was more like a service and clearly was something also whipped up the week before. Kids sang from song sheets and you could see they weren't rehearsed. It cheered me up no end to realise that I wasn't the only one trying to cobble things together.

We sang some Carols and it was actually quite nice. Silent Night was a bit difficult as I was sure I had the same words as everyone else but they didn't sound like it. Added to that, the organist seemed a bit creative with his choice of sound effects on the organ. The organist looked like a cross between neanderthal man and Frankenstein. It is not that he was ugly, just that he didn't have the refined brow and looks I expect from a musician. I greatly admire anyone who plays music but if I had seen him in the street I'd not have imagined the music within him. Note to self to not make such judgements about people.

On Wednesday my mother had arranged to pass by our place yesterday to be helpful with the exchange of presents. They could carry ours to various members of the family and also deliver others to us. It is a convenient state of affairs except that I wasn't actually organised. Christmas hasn't happened here and I'd much rather wait until I felt in the right spirit before "doing it". Christmas Eve is usually good for me but doesn't leave any time to despatch anything. And I had actually been enjoying my Scroogish "Bah Humbug" ways and was looking forward to a BuyNothing Christmas but am afraid that I relented.

Thursday evening young son had a disco to go to many miles away so I figured that I would take the opportunity whilst waiting for him to have his fun to actually go to the nearby large supermarket and "shop". Two hours and a lot of saved-up coupons later and the shopping for family was done and I was quite pleased. All mainly special consumables so that they could be enjoyed and not have their houses cluttered with junk. Dearest Mr Doris has been doing his Santa thing so had already ordered the kids presents off the internet otherwise they might not be quite so lucky.

Yesterday I wrapped the presents and then what surprise, I actually parcelled up other presents and cards and wrote letters and then got them to the post office and posted. In my mind, it doesn't matter that I have missed all the international posting deadlines, I at least got them posted which is a great improvement on many previous years.

Two trips to the post office in one day plus the emotional exhaustion of writing letters and the relief of actually doing them, and then a relatively smooth visit from my parents, then the unexpected Christmas show including cordial participation and by the end I was whacked. No wonder I sleep so much.

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MattyD said...

WOW Doris! :P

You certainly have been busy recently! I've just got my blog up and running again, so it's great going around and seeing what you've all been doing.

Sounds like things are really happy in your household at the moment (if not a little crazy).

Hope everything else is great, and could you please edit your link for me to - I moved my blog :)

All the best, Matt -x-

Sunday, December 18, 2005 1:30:00 AM

Pookie65 said...

May you enjoy all of the love, blessings & joy of the season as you so richly deserve.

Aww, Doris, I've learned so much from your throughout my short time blogging. (In some case more than I ever intended to learn) Most importantly I've learned that you're a fantastic mom, wife and friend to all those lucky enough to know you.

Merriest of Christmas to you and yours!

Sunday, December 18, 2005 5:16:00 AM

doris said...

MattyD Nice to visit your new home and that you are planning on sticking around. Will change the links later :-)

Pookie65 Awww, I feel so loved up! Thank you :-) I shall be coming to spread some of that lovely seasonal cheer round your blog sometime soon :-)

Sunday, December 18, 2005 12:49:00 PM

Cheryl said...

Cheer up!
Kids school broke up on Friday. Son got a temperature yesterday and has spent all day today lolling on the sofa.
No car, no shopping done yet (not even presents) and husband doesn't quit work until 4pm Friday.
I love it.

Sunday, December 18, 2005 7:39:00 PM

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