Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Licking wounds?

Nah, not me, not this time. Yesterday was two weeks almost to the minute since I was ingloriously sacked that the postie arrived with a box of gorgeous printed postcards promoting my re-launched business. Within half an hour I was out on the streets popping them through letter boxes. A few hours later and with the help of the darling Mr Doris and my sis about 400 have been delivered. Another 600 to go out tomorrow. Oh the joy of action.

An incident slightly blurred the proceedings with a sticky letterbox. A dog on the other side snapped at my leather gloved fingers ripping the glove clean off my hand and leaving fingers stinging red for half an hour. There was no sign warning about dogs. Further down the road I chatted to a passing postie about it and she pointed out a house opposite where the mail refuse to deliver post any more because the dog there had ripped a postie's hand right off. I went off and delivered elsewhere. Those wounds I did lick for a while.

With the clocks jumping back it is a dark grey watery light outside. Goodness knows what it will be like when we have double summer time in place. What is time anyway ..... some arbitrary label that says it is 7 am or 10am. Hmm.


Anji said...

Have you had any feedback yet? I wonder what the dog owners thought when they found the remainder of a glove. Perhaps you should sent them a bill (not through the letterbox)

I agree about time. Did you know it was when the trains started running that time had to be the same everywhere?

Doris said...

No feedback yet but that is OK - I know it will come.

I too wonder about the dog owners and the shredded glove found on the floor and a crumpled beauty therapist postcard. Will they wonder. Will they care. Will they just laugh without thinking of the possible consequences for the person on the other side.

I forgot about the train times thing ..... and that here in the UK we had different time systems across the country so it was standardised. So does that mean having standardised the UK we then imposed it across the then empire and the world?

Anji said...

No doubt!