Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Month One

Coming to the end of month one of my fabulous new job. It would safe to say I am so tired but thanks to the wonderful Mr Doris who cossets me and pads out all the edges of my life I don't have to worry about running a home or making meals and all those sort of things. If I had to I would probably be crashing into the ground with exhaustion.

Today I have the third day of an intensive three day course learning so much. Tomorrow I may return to painting our new head office and what was going to be our training salon but since a good change of fortune for my employers we'll be getting the snazzy new salon up and running in November. I'll not be doing any painting beyond this place as we'll get painters in the future. I was a tad over-optimistic saying this place was easy to paint - three small rooms - and offering to do it but I learn from experience.

The lovely BT have graciously brought their dates forward again to install phone and internet, having started off offering the next week and then shifting and shifting week by week so now I feel strangely grateful they are saying next Monday. Hmm.

I am very excited about non-surgical facelifts. A little procedure I learned about yesterday and had done on me and I did on someone else. It is logical and all about re-educating the muscles which for me, a good logic behind a procedure is always helpful. I am so underplaying how excited I am. After all, if I can lift someone's eyebrows after just a few moments of work - and they stay there and will stay like that for a couple of days, then this is very compelling. Whether a one-off for a special event, or as part of a series of treatments over a month and then maintenance monthly, I think this treatment rocks. The teacher demonstrated this procedure on one side of my face and my cheek was visibly perkier and my eyebrow also lifted. A little more work and my proto-jowl would also lift. It is not painful as such - apart from having a number of nervous students working at me and poking for ages that I was quite fed up. I wonder if anyone else will notice today that one side of my face is ever so slightly perkier than the other?

This weekend the good Mr Doris and I will be zooming off to an English hotel for a romantic weekend together. Booked weeks ago using the proceeds of our supermarket coupons who was to know this weekend is now scheduled to have such fine weather. There will be snuggling up and taking it easy with picnics in the sunshine. Glorious.


Anji said...

Sounds like it's all go!

You and Mr Doris have a great weekend.

One Fine Weasel said...

Have a lovely time :)

Doris said...

Thanks both :-) Today's the day we are setting off. Mid morning methinks. So happy we are getting away. xxx

Jo said...

Hope you're having a fab time, in this scorching October weather! ;-)