Friday, 21 March 2008

The Dinner Thing

The last week my delightful ten year old niece was telling me about the mini Easter plays taking place each assembly at her primary school. Wittering on she told me quite casually about "The Dinner Thing" which took me a few moments to realise she meant "The Last Supper". I'd never thought of that particular event as a dinner or a human meal as such, and rather, just about the impending betrayal. Nothing like saying it as it is and pointing out the obvious.

The Dinner Thing (1495-1498) by Leonardo da Vinci

It is a glorious Friday here with the sun pouring in the windows from early on. It has been like a divine light that has lit up my soul and made me want to sing, and I have. I'm not rushing off anywhere and I feel in charge .... I can decide to do this or that or nothing at all. Perhaps I have crossed another threshold in my life and now that I am finally here I can throw open the windows and let the light in.

All those darling people in my life, near and far, know that you have helped and I am beaming back to you mega energy, love and light. :-)


Steg said...

Nothing recently has put such a big smile on my face as hearing you sound so positive.

Here's to you and yours, Doris!

Doris said...

Awwww .... can you feel the love?


Diane said...

When I was a little kid, my mother did a paint-by-number of the Last Supper, put it into a frame, and has it hanging in her dining room even now.

From this day forward, I shall call it The Dinner Thing and have a little smile inside.

Happy Easter!


rashbre said...

beam on

Chandira said...


It's beaming right back at you love.. You should have heard me and Jo talking about you last night.. We love you very much. Honestly, what you've done for our girlfriend is amazing.

(still wishing I could join you both for dinner one night!)

Josephine said...

Beaming right back atcha babes!

Doris said...

And when I have my little smile I will think of you with your little smile! :-)


Awww. And who knows what life might serve up one day .... we might all do a dinner together one day :-)